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Stewart Smith

Glee – Guest Review

I am happy to introduce our first guest review by Ann Wilson.

Cory Monteith

Got your snack, comfy chair, and musical instrument? Great! It’s time for  Glee, everyone’s favorite underdog to triumph again in the ratings.

The season premier not only managed to live up my expectations, but pass them. Mind, I AM a teenage girl, so perhaps I did enjoy Finn (Cory Monteith)’s face more than the superb acting and splendid singing.

The plotline was as good as ever, reintroducing the characters and their respective problems, and how they’ve dealt with them over the summer (known to the rest of us as “rerun-land”). Quinn (Dianna Agron), the pregnant Celibacy Club captain, (oh, the delicious irony) regains her throne as Miss Popular by becoming a cheerleader. Racheal (Lea Michele) and Finn got together over the summer as Glee Club’s power couple. Old news, but the most interesting addition to William McKinely High was the woman football coach, Shannon Beist (Dot Jones) who is bullied by Sue Sylvester (the ever-hilarious Jane Lynch) and Mr. Shuester, the founder of Glee Club (pretty-boy Matthew Morrison). I’d feel bad, but Beist tried to siphon funds away from Glee Club into those human-shaped steroid cans on the football team. This is not how we do things here, Beist. Glee Club must have all the alumni money, or who will pay for Matthew Morrison’s hair gel?

Overall, I suggest it for 12 and up. There are some very mature themes that could prompt some questions for younger age groups, (“Mummy? Why are they dancing like that with but a tissue covering them?”) and some of the songs and language are a wee bit naughty. Plus, some of the jokes may fly over the heads of youngins.

I love Glee, and this episode certainly met my high hopes. If only Lea Michele’s character had been hit by a bus, it would have been perfect!

- Ann Wilson

Check out the pictures from the red carpet Season Two premiere.

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  • Coco September 28, 2010, 1:39 am

    Go Gleeks! Nice review Ann.

  • Joan Stewart Smith September 28, 2010, 3:43 pm

    Will William McKinley High School ever ban slushy throwing? Also, when will we meet Rachel’s dads?

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