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Stewart Smith

The Bucket List

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The film that I’m going to talk about now is both a drama and a comedy. The Bucket List (2007) is a film about two middle aged men, a smart, modest man named Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman) and a shallow billionaire named Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson) that are near death due to cancer. They decide to write and follow a “Bucket List”, or a list of things they wanted to do before they, well, kick the bucket. This film is quite funny, yet is sad and lingers with the theme of death. This isn’t to say it’s a horror film, but it may be unsettling to small children.

There is a bit of swearing, and some very light sexual references, but no visuals. There is a tiny bit of blood, but it’s very rare. All around, this is a pretty clean film. Or maybe a film that fell in the sand and was mostly dusted off. In short, the references and swearing aren’t that big a deal and might just fly over the heads of younger viewers.

I admire how this motion picture approaches death with humor, and gives off the message to make the most of your life. There is an interesting fact featured in the film: 96% of people don’t want to know when they’ll die. How do you feel about that? Post an answer and a reason in the comments!

Age Recommendation: I give this 9+ because the theme of death may disturb some.

Final Verdict: An enjoyable family film, and one you should invite the grandparents for! 8/10

The movie stars Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson and was directed by Rob Reiner. Check out the pictures from the Hollywood premiere of The Bucket List.

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  • Kathleen Smith August 14, 2010, 9:49 pm

    I have just read your write-up on the latest film you have seen and thought it was really good – very
    adult although giving the younger groups a good idea of what the film is actually about. I am sure
    you will be able to make a very professional critic and wonder if this is how you see yourself in the
    grown-up world in a few years time! I look forward to seeing further reviews in the future.
    Good luck – lol Nan.

  • Joan Stewart Smith August 14, 2010, 10:02 pm

    Well, to answer your question … I’m probably one of the 96% who don’t want to know when they die. But I can see a positive side in knowing. It would make us appreciate how meaningful it is to live in the moment, rather living for the future. I might even start taking my own “bucket list” more seriously. I think that was a main message of the movie.

  • Bruce Stewart August 14, 2010, 11:07 pm

    Well, well . . . well said Stew. We have seen this film and I agree with you, “Or maybe a film that fell in the sand and was mostly dusted off. ” As for the knowing, I am one of the 4%. I dread even to think of going to a hospital for anything.
    But that is my hang-up. You are doing a very good service to those who need help getting through the mire of many of todays movies. I know you probably are not going to view a really bad movie, but keep looking.

  • Anthony D. Grana August 16, 2010, 11:33 am

    Congratulations on another well written Movie-Review. I enjoy your easy to read judgements, recommendation and Final Verdict. I am certain Your web-site will be a first reference for young and old alike.

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