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Stewart Smith


I recently purchased Braid via the Mac App Store. Braid is a 2-D platformer focusing on time manipulation. It is available on the Mac OS, Windows, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Linux. Of all of the games I have ever played, this one was the most fascinating.

Firstly, the mechanics of Braid are mind boggling. The basic function, is that Tim, the main character, can turn back time to solve puzzles. But as the game goes on, the aspect of time twists in many ways. In one level set, some objects are introduced that can’t be reversed. In another, time moves forward when Tim goes right, backward when he goes left. In yet another, Tim drops a ring that slows everything down the closer it is to it.

Secondly, Braid has an amazing story. It starts by telling us this: Tim is trying to find the princess, who was apparently kidnapped. Simple enough. But as we delve deeper into the game, stranger things build into the story. Seriously, you could finish the game 100% and still understand very little. There are a few theories around the internets, be sure to check them out when you finish the game.

Thirdly, Braid has outstanding graphics! Just the title screen is made with several bitmap-layers that look like they were painted by hand. The levels are lined with detail, and the characters are superbly developed.

Braid is, I believe, fine for all ages, adults and children alike. The only profanity I could find is the word “bitches”, and that was used within a famous quote.

Note: Braid has a secondary ending. To get the second, the player has to find all of the stars (the most difficult thing I’ve ever tried to do in gaming). However, this is impossible after the World 3 puzzle is completed. You need to get the star in the overworld, which can’t be obtained once specific pieces are joined.

Age Recommendation: It’s a puzzle game, so I think that kids 8+ would enjoy it. Then again, what do I know?

Final Verdict: Wow. This is a definite 10/10.

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  • Nan February 15, 2011, 11:48 am

    Another brilliant write-up from you Stew – I do enjoy reading them and seeing all the great pics Dad includes alongside. You are a very talented family – all three of you!! Keep up the good work. Lots of love – Nan xxx

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