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Stewart Smith

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

That’s right. Harry Potter 7 is out. At least, HP7 Part 1.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One of Two is the latest film in the Harry Potter movie series, based on the books by J. K. Rowling. In this one, Harry goes to find the 7 pieces of the evil wizard Lord Voldemort’s soul, so that he may finally be vanquished. The story may sound a little silly if you haven’t stuck with the series so far.

The film itself is another fantasy hit, I believe.  The movie maintains a fantasy theme while supporting more serious storytelling. However, the movie constantly references the previous films, and even picks up right where the sixth picture left off.  In short, you better brush up!  Also, being the seventh in the series, it is very serious, so much so that it’s actually scary!  Younger viewers will definitely be at a discomfort.

Unfortunately, I haven’t read the book for this movie since 2007.  I cannot tell how much it has been subject to change.  The Harry Potter movies tend to be faithful to the books, however, so… I’m not sure about that aspect.

Unlike the previous films, Harry, Hermione and Ron are on their own in HP7, outside the confines of Hogwarts, and have to rely on each other to stay alive.  This allows the actors to bond as characters and not just as wizards.

An interesting thing about this film was that it was 2D, yet set up for 3D so well.  For a while, I believed that Warner Brothers would release a double-feature a few months after Part 2.  But viewing its production history, I found that it WAS intended for 3D, but its 3D version was cancelled due to a time shortage.  Part 2 WILL be in 3D.  But there are no announced plans for a double-feature or a 3D Version of Part 1.  Therefore I ask you: What do you think will happen? Post a comment!

Age Recommendation: Listen little kids, but this may not be a good year to see Harry Potter because of its dark and scary elements.  I’m so cruel.  We did take a kid of about 8 with us to the screening though and he really enjoyed it, so I don’t know.  Maybe.  As always, it depends on the kid.

FInal Verdict: 10/10.  Spectacular movie.  I can’t wait to see Part Two!

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  • Rebecca Elspas November 21, 2010, 8:47 pm

    I saw this movie at AMC last night. It was quite frightening, and I am 13. But the movie was with the volume on high and surround sound, so possibly that was why. Nonetheless, as I have reached the age that I can watch PG13 movies, I still have to be careful. My mom allows me to watch them but checks what they are rated for. If it is only action scenes and mild to moderate violence with mild language,it is ok. But my mom always makes sure that everything is appropriate for my age.

    Nonetheless, it is an outastanding movie. And I am warning you now, you will literally be on the edge of your seat when you watch. Over time, movies loose popularity and will die down. This is normal. But I think it iss different for this movie. I will always remember my Harry potter experience at the IMAX/AMC theater.

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