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Stewart Smith

The Client (Book)

First of all, sorry for the lack of updates lately, as school has started and I’m trying to juggle my homework, social activities, and hobbies. I promise to write far more reviews here on, especially in the next week or so.

Today’s review is very special, as it is my first book review. John Grisham is an established writer, famous for his bestselling legal stories. I recently read one of his works, titled The Client.

The Client follows the story of 11 year-old Mark, who witnesses the suicide of a lawyer. But not before the lawyer tells Mark some crucial information on his murder case — where the body of Boyd Boyette lies.

Mark is pressured by the police to tell them the lawyer’s last words, but he knows that if he does he will almost surely be killed by the Mafia. So he hires his own attorney, Reggie Love, to help him.

This thrilling page turner will keep your balance ready for twists and turns. You need to be smart enough to keep track of all the different perspectives that the book follows (at least seven), so if you have a sharp mind you should take a stab at it. I’m sorry for all the jokes, as this book was just too much pun to read. (Yes, that one is overused.) Most of the legal things usually are explained in the book, so they are easy to understand.

The book may be a little advanced for kids, being a courthouse story, but they’ll leave with a greater knowledge of the subject. There are some perilous situations that Mark is in, but of course, being in a book, they aren’t graphic as a movie would be.

Age Recommendation: 10+. The book contains murderous themes, but mature kids can handle it.

Final Verdict: This book was spot-on. I highly recommend it to kids and adults alike. 10/10

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