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Stewart Smith

Welcome to Stew Reviews

Hello. I’m Stewart Smith. I’m 15 years-old and live in Los Angeles, CA. I created this site because you read, see, and hear reviews from an adult perspective in the media and online. People need to be aware that there are other age groups with their own thoughts. You may find in one of these reviews that an adult may not enjoy a film meant specifically FOR KIDS. The point of a KIDS film is not “Did the Adult like it?”, but “Will the KIDS want to see it?” The kids may ignore this, but it may affect the parent’s enthusiasm for taking them.

Stew Reviews is a site where kids and parents may come and see if a KID liked something. The voice of the youth, as it were. Reviews done by kids. Do you know what this means? It means that if you came here looking for cooking advice, you’re outta luck.

I welcome your comments and, if you’re a kid, would love you to send your own reviews for consideration on the blog! Just click on the Guest Reviews button on the right.

Now, everyone knows how expensive school and college is, right? So, I’m trying to save up for college from an early age and to help me get  the things that I, as a kid, really need. You know, things like a new iMac, as well as games, books and DVDs to review. (My current iMac is, indeed, quite slow, and several games I wish to review are quite complex.)

You can help me with thisand it won’t cost you anything extra! All you have to do is to remember to visit Stew Reviews whenever you want to order something on Amazon.com and to click one of the Amazon banners on my site. That will take you directly to the regular Amazon.com site where you can order to your heart’s content and get that really good feeling that you’re helping a little kid save for college – and a new iMac.

Also, don’t forget to “Like” my  Stew Reviews page on Facebook.